Valentines day

When the sun rises everyday on the horizon, it says I love you everyday and when the moon smiles in the night sky, it says I love you every night. I look around with a question why only this day is lovers day, when this nature speaks only love every day and night…

Oh, my dearest Lord, if someone asks me who is my valentine, how will I answer. where will I start and where will I end!! when I wake up this morning, firstly I recognized I am still ALIVE!! Yes, I am alive, it means Life itself loves me. I went out, to see the bright Sun lighting up this wonderful planet..Oh! glorious scene, love spreading its rays upon millions of leaves who waited for it in the deep chill night.Is that not a greatest valentine’s gift for them. But it gives them everyday with love and grace!

Tell me, my friends, what is here without a heart earning for some or the other thing in its life… Yes, are not we earning for something daily in our inner heart in every motion, every thought, in every look that we have in daily life…there is something for which we all secretly strive and aspire sincerely…and that’s not our ambition, that’s out nature, dear friends.Yes for now, our nature is to search and find somewhere at some point of time in life either before or after death, that our nature is in itself is love, love and love!!!

Let that day of realization be today for you. Let that begin in your heart. If you believe YOU are reading this, then you have to believe that I love YOU. Everything begins when we stop to think and start to feel. POWER OF FEELINGS are greater than you imagine. Feel, feel..then fall in love, fall in love with whatever you see, whatever you think, whatever you touch, whatever you are capable of…feel the love in that, attain immortality. Only thing that is immortal is Love. Believe me, its love, its feel, its joy, its beauty, its myth, its wisdom, its essence alone lived, living and will live and sustain this universe…

Happy Valentine’s day.




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